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Make Survey is powerful and interactive online survey software, enabling users to organize, run and manage various types of surveys and polls. Make Survey is a web-based software, processing both Internet and email surveys. A wide spectrum of features allows users not only to build and publish questionnaires, but also to monitor the survey process during all its stages and analyze the results.

System users can create all forms of questionnaires including complex web surveys, multi-page questionnaires, registration forms and simple polls of several questions. Users can insert the dividers, text comments and HTML code into their surveys with easy.

Eleven question types and three special objects are supported: Edit, Multi Edit, Combo Box, List, Multi List, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Images-Check Boxes, Images-Radio Buttons, Vertical Matrix, Horizontal Matrix.

Objects: Horizontal line, Text, HTML.

Users can create surveys combining different types of question groups: Matrix questions, Scaled questions, Closed ended questions, Multiple choice questions, Open ended questions, Open questions.

For primary analysis of collected data, Make Survey includes a report system which is able to calculate totals for each survey question choice, and frequency percentages of the responses, while more detailed analysis can be done using automatic export to specialized programs (Excel, SPSS, Statistica or other formats). The software is simple to learn and easy to use.

Program can be useful to sociologists, market researches, business companies, governmental institutions, universities, schools, journalists and others.

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