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Dog Park User Survey
Over the last several years, the Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Department has been working with a group of Citizens (now the Dog Park Committee) to explore the development of an off-leash dog park. In order to better understand the public perception surrounding this issue, we are asking you to please take a few minutes to complete this user demand survey. Thank You!! We greatly appreciate your time.
1. Do you have dogs?*
2. If you own a dog, where do you currently walk or exercise your dog(s)?
3. Would you like to see an off-leash dog park in Oak Ridge?*
4. Do you have a preference for where a dog park could be located?
5. How often would you use the dog park?*
6. Which of the following dog park amenities are important to you? (Use CTRL to select all that apply)
7. To have a successful dog park, a small park membership fee might need to be assessed. Would you be willing to pay this membership fee to use the dog park?*
8. If yes, how much would you be willing to pay annually per family/household?
9. If financial startup funds and working capital are needed would you be willing to contribute?*
10. If yes, please check all that may apply (Use CTRL)
11. Can you recommend any individuals, businesses, and/or corporations who we may contact that would be willing to support or aid in fundraising for a dog park?
12. What concerns do you have about opening a dog park? (Use CTRL to select all that apply)
13. The Dog Park Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the implementation and management of the dog park. If you would like to volunteer, please provide your contact information (Name, Phone, Email).

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